FAST Sleep Aid is non-habit forming medicine that can help relieve occasional sleeplessness and reduce time to fall asleep.


Product Overview

FAST Sleep starts working in about 15 minutes, with maximum effect occurring 1-4 hours after consumption. Plus it delivers a warming effect that feels like you’re in your lover’s arms. And it’s not habit forming (unlike your lover. We assume.)

Direction for Use

When your mind’s racing or you just can’t sleep, twist off the cap of a FAST sleep, drink and you’ll be sawing logs in no time. 

Where to Buy

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Product Ingredients

All active ingredients are FDA compliant
FAST’s key ingredients have been selected based on medical expertise about the combination of ingredients that is required to treat sleep effectively, efficiently, and safely:

50mg of Diphenhydramine HCI
A non-habit forming nighttime sleep aid that relieves occasional sleeplessness and reduces the time to fall asleep. This is the same active ingredient found in ZzzQuil & Unisom. Diphenhydramine studies have shown that this active ingredient improves the depth of sleep and the quality of sleep, so you can wake feeling rested and relaxed.
10% alcohol
To deliver a warming effective solution for your sleeplessness.

*Choline Salicylate Patent 3069321
**Piper & Fenton – an evaluation of antacid in vitro

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How To Use

Twist. Drink. Relief.

Real Medicine.
Real Relief.
Real Fast.