product-page-heartburn_07So the extra-hot chilidog was a great at lunch but not so great while you’re burping it up during an afternoon meeting. And that last slice of pizza doesn’t seem like such a good idea when the heartburn kicks in, does it? Liberate yourself. Have it both ways. The Vietnamese noodles and a peaceful night’s sleep. The chocolate fondue and the late night dancing. Because sometimes you can’t help eating food that you know you shouldn’t – but you can help the heartburn that comes with it.

FAST Heartburn works more than 250x more quickly that calcium tablets; neutralizes up to 8x more acid than calcium tablets. Boomshakalaka

So keep on. We’ve got your back. Eat what you want – we’ll make sure you won’t pay for it afterwards.


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  • Twist the cap to open the bottle
  • Drink the 40ml shot
  • Let FAST’s Liquid Relief® start working instantly to provide relief from your heartburn symptoms.


All active ingredients are FDA compliant.

FAST’s key ingredient has been selected based on medical expertise and consumer feedback about what they would like to see in a heartburn product*:

1250mg of Calcium Carbonate – the same ingredient as is found in many upset stomach products such as TUMS®, this is a proven antacid that works by directly neutralizing stomach acid, stopping the indigestion, heartburn, stomach ache and pain that the acid is causing. Over 60% of consumers F.A.S.T. spoke to said they wanted to see this ingredient in an upset stomach product. This ingredient works…the carbonate, CO3, neutralizes the stomach acid that is causing upset and pain by reacting with the acid ions (H+) to produce water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Natural Peppermint, Natural Ginger & Chocolate Flavors – offering a smooth pleasant, non-chalky taste.

* Based on Ipsos Consumer Research carried out for F.A.S.T – Upset stomach sample size 303; when asked about purchase interest based on ingredients 63% said very or somewhat interested in Calcium Carbonate.

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