Real Medicine. Real Relief. Real Fast.

Who We Are

At FAST (First Aid Shot Therapy), we believe life is too short to miss a minute of it. That’s why we’ve developed a range of easy-to-swallow, single-dose liquid medicines that provide fast-acting relief for the common everyday symptoms that get in the way of all the awesomeness that life has to offer. No hangover, headache, sleeplessness, heartburn, allergies or cold can slow us down.

We can’t help what you did last night, but we can help you recover the next day with:

Real Medicine

Legit formulas developed by world renowned physicians with FDA approved ingredients.

Real Relief

And while real medicine doesn’t always taste like candy, it’s wayyyy more effective than vitamins or herbal supplements. Our technical team calls it “clinical effectiveness.” We just know it can make you feel better.

And the shots are easy to swallow. No water needed. Just twist open a bottle of FAST, swallow the contents and it starts working within minutes

The single-dose bottles are easy to carry and take with you wherever and whenever you need them. At work. In the car. Next to your bed. On your “stride of pride” (no judgments here).

Real Fast

FAST starts working in minutes*, lasts up to six hours and is gentle on your stomach.

*Choline Salicylate Patent 3069321