The FAST team comes from many different backgrounds, covering both consumer packed goods companies (such as Coca-Cola, Vitamin Water, and Pretzel Crisps), and over the counter pharmacy goods companies (such as Becton Dickinson and Boehringer Ingelheim). The one thing that unites the team is the belief that there is a better way to manage your health and take your medicine when you need to – and FAST is that better way. We’re all committed to delivering safe, effective, great tasting single dose liquid medicines that meet people’s most common every day needs – and allow them to keep on doing what they need to do!

Our Story

2010 – The idea: a young woman who’d been working in the world of beverages realized that there had to be an easier more convenient way to take your medicine than carrying around a big bottle of pills or tablets all the time. By happy circumstance, Mary Page Platerink (former Director of Global Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company) was introduced to Dr Jay Pasricha, M.D., (Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine), and together they came up with the idea of First Aid Shot Therapy – or FAST! A series of single dose, liquid medicine drinkable shots that could start working in minutes.

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2013 – The beginning. FAST Labs (based in Woburn, MA), working under the guidance of Professor Jay Pasricha, and using word class experts to get the right taste and consumption experience, created Pain & Upset Stomach formulations. These were launched into test in Seattle & Boston.


2014 – Consumers quickly told us they liked the products – but our packing could be bolder to reflect the bold effective pain relief we were providing them with. We also heard that people wanted other variants in the range – and so the new look range – Pain, Heartburn, Hangover & Cold – was launched in Q3 2014.